MALINDI INSTITUTION/KENYA Malindi-kenya: malindi is one of the kenyas most important towns located at the Indian ocean’s sea shores of Kenya with approximated population of 450,000 people. It is in this town that we are completing an already started construction of a mosque and at the same time start a new construction of a quran institution beside the mosque. The founder of the mosque who is a native Kenyan based in malindi requested for help from Holistic Educational Trust which serves in Kenya and has its headquarters in turkey. This request for help which reached our desk through this organization (HET) was accepted and construction of a boarding facility which will serve at least 50 students has started. Upon the completion of the construction the institution will be under very important use. HET organization which has been serving in Kenya for eight years now is going to run the institution as per the agreement. In the boarding facility quran and religious education will be taught to the boys and girls students. Hygein which is the aspect that we have always given the first priority in the other African countries will have a great platform to be practiced in this institution. Unfortunately in most of the African countries people use contaminated borehole or rain water for ablution. But in this institution we will have the best solution for this problem. We will construct WC with full supply of water in them and ablution sections as well. This kind of project will definitely be an outstanding one to the community around 25.07.2014 « All News

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