Visit to Lunser and Bo/SIERRA LEONE

    We got the chance to visit a few other cities while we were in Sierra Leone. The Tribal leaders and Social Society organizations attending the opening ceremony of the Waterloo Mosque, invited us to their respected cities. We graciously accepted the invites and went to visit their cities. We decided to visit Lunser first and met with a loving welcome by the people of the city. We met with Dr. Huseyin in Lunsa and then continued on to our meetings, after which we were invited to his house for a meal. We left the city with gifts given to us by the people. Next we traveled to “Bo”. Bo is a city surrounded in wild nature to the south of Sierra Leone with an estimated population of a hundred thousand. Our hosts The Mende clan greeted us with a warm welcome. In our various meetings in the city we discussed about the projects we planned to complete there. The clan gave our foundation president an honorary name and dressed him up in their ceremonial dress. They explained that from that point onwards he shall be called Chief Cabo and that we should know that we have a home here and that we shall be respected in the clan. We showed our gratitude for their hospitality and promised to show ourselves to be worthy of the names they had given us.08.06.2014 « All News

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