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    WATERLOO MOSQUE’S GROUND BREAKING/SIERRA LEONE 02.07.2013 WATERLOO/SIERRA LEONE: The waterloo town which is located in the western side of the country has an approximated population of 60,000 people. Mos t of them being poor live in huts made of iron sheets. Due to the poor foundation of the town the biggest problem in the area is lack of drinking water. The community around waterloo town which we reached them to dig a borehole for them explained to us their need for a mosque and showed us an iron sheet-made house that was used for prayers. Due to the extreme weather conditions like extreme hotness the people are not able to perform in there and for that reason we put a foundation of a mosque that can accommodate around 800-1000 people with the help of local administration. The number of the muslims living in the area is around 35,000 and therefore our indulgence with the community got a warm reception. Statement From Sheik Rasheed (Naib Imam) Supreme Islamic Council Mr. Chairman because of the time I will go directly to the point. First of all, I will like to thank our donour ( Mr. Ihsan ) and his representative for this wonderful job. We pray that the Almighty Allah will bless them. But Mr. Chairman this is a special plead to our honorable and donour ( Mr. Ihsan ) and his representative that there are over 300 imams here who need the complete their fifth pillar of İslam (Hajj). So I appeal to our donour (Mr. Ihsan ) to please look into this. Finally, may the Almighty Allah bless him in this world and hereafter. And I pray and promise that the chief imam and his deputy will take good care of this mosque. Statement From Mohammed Jalloh (Bo District) We the people of Bo are very happy to participate in the opening of this beautiful mosque. We pray to the Almighty Allah to give more chance to our donour so he can extend this kind of goodness to Bo. Bo‘s population is one million plus and %80 of it are Muslims but only few mosque are there and no good drinking water. Lastly, this is a special invitation to our donour whenever he come to Sierra Leone to please visit Bo as it is the second city. Statement From Councellor Mohamed I thank the Almighty Allah and I thank our Honorable quests for coming to Sierra Leone to help our brothers to promote Islam. I will like to take this opportunity to thank the donour and pray that Almighty Allah will continue to bless him in this world and hereafter. Furthermore, I will kindly ask him to please extend this kind of goodness to our villages as they are our Muslim brothers. They need this kind of help. Finally, I will pray that Allah will give you the chance to do more for our people in Sierra Leone. Statement From Hajiya Fatıma (Hijab Sisters) We thank our honorable donour for this wonderful goodness. We pray that Allah will bless you and us. The hijab sisters are kindly asking the donour for training center and Islamic School for the women as in Sierra Leone there is no Islamic School for women . Like men education is very important to women and it is compulsory to all Muslimma and women .Once more I thank you. H. M. (Head Man Lumpa Community) We welcome our donour for this wonderful day. We thank them for this great goodness they have done for this community. However , we need more of this kind goodness in Sierra Leone. As Sierra Leone is ar victim country and so many buildings was destroyed by the rebels .Once more, you are welcome in my community. Statement From Chief KANDEH (The Mende tribal Head) Mr. Chairman, today is one of the happiest day in my life , to see this kind of wonderful and beautiful mosque built in my community while I am alive . I thank the Almighty Allah , the donour , his representative and all those who work hard for this mosque to stand as it is today. Mr. Chairman as tribal head, this is a special appeal to our donour to please assist us with Islamic school, water facility and training programmes for our imams as we have more than 350 imams in our community but only few are highly educated. Finally, thank you for all goodness that you have sent to my community. « All News

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