Foundation Certificate

Foundation Certificate FOUNDATION IH-DA international humanitarian aid foundation Creating the Foundation NAME OF THE FOUNDATION Article 1: Humanitarian Relief Foundation International H-DA for the name of the Foundation. Briefly mentioned in the text as the basis for this act. Foundation Center, subsidiaries, agencies, Article 2: The foundation settlement "Mah Sok Nailbey Tuncay Floor:.. 4 Elazig 2/Daire" is. This address is provided to give information to the supervisory authority may be amended by decision of the Board in the same city. PURPOSE OF THE FOUNDATION Article 3: No matter where you distress, disaster, natural disasters, war and so on. victim reasons, injured, maimed, starved or exposed, to provide humanitarian assistance to the persecuted of all the people they need and these people needed to prevent the violation of rights and fundamental freedoms of all initiatives to fight against poverty and skilled at all levels of education and training people is teaching activities. Foundation activities Article 4: To achieve its objectives; a-The Foundation for orphaned children abroad for housing, home, institutions such as the versions of retirement, purchase or lease. For the provision of education in schools, courses, etc.. educational institutions, creates, manufactures, leases, purchases or existing educational institutions offer the best possible deal with the education of children. b-The Foundation supports orphans until they grow and continues to be responsible for themselves. you need to work in need or start businesses that will support to help young people deal with. C-The foundation must advocate the measuring process that could give all young people to get a good education and training that a single person could not give all young people who need assistance. the foundation to help education. Scholarships in all measures possible, will help with in-kind assistance and tutoring. The main purpose of the Foundation for facilities in our country and abroad, and their children access were exposed to the disaster. However, the benefits of educational institutions and intelligent, but the opportunities for young people who can not benefit from its own collection. d-The Foundation may acquire real estate in all of these studies, construction, or you can build facilities, hire. Nursery schools, secondary schools undergraduate and teaching higher-level institutions may establish, operate. It also houses, residential, hostels, guest houses, hostels and recreation centers, sports facilities, set up and executed. All kinds of library, a prayer room, laboratory, builds and operates the nursing home. The owner of E-Foundation, partner or operator of principles to be followed when institutions benefit from the terms and beneficiaries collectively or individually for each institution or its board of directors shall be appointed by the Board of Directors are determined by regulation. This Regulation does not obey the Foundation rejected. based authorizations required under applicable law at all levels of educational institutions and education (school, college, university, institute, courses, dormitory, library, scientific research, development and documentation centers) as well as social, cultural and sports centers and leads. ASSETS OF THE FOUNDATION Article 5. The act of fortune from the foundation to the end of writing the names of the members of the Board of Directors Each section has donated 50,000.00 - (fifty thousand) per establishment and the subsequent establishment of the Foundation's assets have increased by additions to capital assets. The income of the Foundation Article 6: 5 of the Act on the assets referred to in the article; a-all types of securities, real estate, in-kind donations and actions of cash dividends, coupons and so on. negotiable instruments b-The Foundation will establish a joint agreement Gerence or managed by the institutions, organizes exhibitions, debates, concerts, - Auctions, etc.. Income from the operation of the business assets of the foundation is to be obtained income. FOUNDATION can do to achieve its objectives and PROCEDURES Article 7: outside the legal boundaries to achieve the objectives of the Foundation, the quantity and value of goods and unrestricted donations movable and immovable, bequests, and having to use the purchase and lease in accordance with the provisions of the law on foundations they have to sell, transfer and assign to, and receive revenue expenditure, the Foundation entered into the presence of one or more properties or income invested a lot of time use one or the foundation, is not contrary to the aims and scope of services provided donations and wills, movable and immovable property and other means of purchasing goods and money management and savings , securities, and sell them for the purpose of the foundation, the foundation has received legal permission similar objectives as domestic and foreign foundations, individuals and legal to work with, to receive funds from public institutions and organizations people to ensure that aid agreements for servitude property ownership, usufruct, quiet, high, liens, mortgages, rights to accept the same as the non-property, the right to used for contracts with promise of existing or future income and mortgage of movable and immovable property of all kinds of securities, including, accept bank guarantees valid, to use the foundation to achieve the objectives and challenges of service , guarantees, pledges, mortgages or other securities of the objectives and service areas of the Foundation and all types of projects to be executed in accordance with the studies, and generate revenue to the foundation in order to operate on commercial principles of ordinary commercial enterprises, partnerships with businesses, associate, or under the control of an operator that directly with them, or all of the objectives of the Foundation and its useful and necessary in order to achieve savings, the acquisition of property, construction and 48 of the Turkish Civil Code to enter into similar agreements Authorized and empowered to be stated in the article. The foundation of this power and use the proceeds for purposes prohibited by the Turkish Civil Code. Bodies of the Foundation Article 8: The bodies of the Foundation; a) The Board of Directors b) The Board of Directors c) The Supervisory Board, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Article 9 of the Foundation Board of Directors, whose names appear on the attached list, and it consists of real people who signed the deed of foundation (7) employees. These Ihsan Dagoglu, Nida Dagoglu, Naside seyma Dagoglu, Nuran Demirtas, Ahmet Karakoc Ahmet Demirtas and stop Sevim Karakoc. " The Board of Directors of the death, resignation, or any other case of vacancy, vacancies, the board of directors or trustees of the proposal and the decision is made by the Board of Directors. DELEGATION OF POWERS AND DUTIES OF TRUSTEES: The supreme decision-making body of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Powers of the Board are: a) choose the board of directors, b) select the control panel, c) the annual report of the Foundation Board of Directors to discuss and consider the reports of the Audit Committee, the Board of Directors to decide on the lifting d) the board of directors or by just changing to accept the draft prepared by the internal law of the foundation, e) the draft annual budget prepared by the Board of Directors to accept or modify the same, f) other than the management and supervisory board members of public officials if the earnings, determine the amount to be determined, g) If necessary, make changes to the trust deed, and added, h) determine the terms and conditions of the Foundation's activities. QUORUM OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS meeting time and decision: The first meeting of the Board of the Foundation is made within one month after registration. a) record in February to discuss and study reports were approved, b) with the approval of the budget and research reports are collected in the month of November to discuss issues relating to elections. Also a member of the Board or the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors considers need at least one third of the members of the Board be requested in writing to be collected as an extraordinary event. Regular and special meetings, the issues are not addressed in the order of the day announced owned. However, immediately after the formation of the regular meeting of diva, who were present with at least one-tenth of a written proposal, the obligations and responsibilities of the foundation members act change and install the foundations of other subjects as possible to add items to the agenda. Meeting date, place, time and agenda of the date of the meeting at least seven (7) days before the return of signature or members will be notified by registered mail to reach. More than half of the total members of the Board of Directors will meet with. If there is no quorum at the meeting, made a week later the same day in the same place and time. This is the second meeting, a quorum, the members of a third integer (1/3) shall not be less. The quorum for the Board of Directors decided, however, that more than half of the participants. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman rates two votes are counted. In addition, the procedure must be decided by a vote. Each member has one vote. Members unable to attend the meeting, the Board of Directors may appoint a proxy to another member. More than one person acting in concert. Amendments to the Indenture, the quorum necessary for the correction or additions to the number of two-thirds of the total membership. Article 10: THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Administration Foundation Councillors are elected by the Board for a period of two years, a regular substitute members and the others are made. The majority of members is essential to the formation of the Board of Directors. Among its members a president, a vice president appointed. Replacement to complete the term vacated by members are involved in the order. B-functions, powers and responsibilities The purpose of the Foundation is in line with and implements the decisions of all kinds. And transactions are executed in accordance with the regulations of the foundation of any business. The Board of Directors of the Foundation deems necessary to prepare the relevant domestic legislation and regulatory approval. Foundation is to represent and bind. Ihsan member of the board of directors of the foundation Dagoglu following procedures and accounting controls, income and expenditure statements and balance sheets at the end of the accounting period and housing required by law or deemed düzenletir says, send the competent authorities. Relevant legislation, other tasks are executed deed of foundation and foundation necessary internal legislation, illness, leave, force majeure etc.. situations created by natural or legal persons appointed by the Board of Directors. AFTER THE DAY OF THE FOUNDATION Article 11: If it becomes impossible to achieve the objective of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Foundation shall be convened by the Chairman or any other member. The meeting reviewed the status of the foundation. To decide on the dissolution of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, three-fifths of termination should have to vote the way. Which will also be understood that the decision to terminate the existing assets heyetçe Foundation trustees decided. SUPERVISORY BOARD Article 12 The Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors consists of three members elected from among its members for two years. All transactions and accounting documents and records of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation Board of Directors and the President to prepare a report reviewing the bids. RECIPES endowment to the Foundation and be spent Article 13: up to 20% of revenue from the management of the Foundation during the year to keep the costs of management and administration, reserves and investments to develop the assets of the foundation, while remaining 80% will be allocated to the Foundation and shall be conducted in accordance with the objectives and challenges of service. FOUNDERS OF THE FOUNDATION Article 14: The founder of the Foundation, Ihsan Dagoglu

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