Our effort is rewarded with success by Allah.


    The application for the ih-da foundation was submitted on 30th July 2012 at Elazig. The foundation officially began operating on 9th January 2013. Aiming only to gain Allah’s favor and blessing we try our best to meet the needs of poor and orphaned children. We chose Africa to be the target for our services, after having seen the number of problems these people were facing in their daily lives we realized it to be impossible to remain indifferent. The ambassadors help made it much easier to find such people and now be it East or West Africa we are providing our services to those people. We began our work in West Africa (Togo) where we swiftly completed the construction of a half built School (for teaching Quran). The school is now operational. The School has a capacity of 300 students but due to the applications of around 1000 students, the school now stays open from early in the morning to the late hours of the night to facilitate all students. The student body of the school consists entirely of females. The director of the school Mr. Idris says that “If we provide mothers with the necessary education, they will then in return be able to educate their children better.” After Togo we reconstructed am old mosque in Kpaza, a city to the south-west of Ghana. We are also in the process of reconstruction of another mosque in a city called Mankessim to the south of Ghana. To the north of Togo in a city called Tenega there hasn’t been a mosque for many years. There people are used to praying under a tree. We have started the construction of a mosque over there for our Muslim brothers which we shall soon finish. Eastern Africa in a region near Kigali (The capital city of Runanda) our mosque is soon to be opened for prayers. The issue of the appointment of Imam is under negotiation with the regional religious authorities. This mosque will also be used as a center to preach Islam and to undergo required religious education of the children of the region. The problems faced by the African People can be explained in two words, “Illiteracy” and “poverty”. We must help educate these people via building mosques and schools for them where need be, and we began doing so some time ago. We have taken up this task taking the success of people helping them in the name of our country as an example for ourselves. For as the Chinese philosopher Confucius said “If you really want to help a person, teach him to fish rather than providing him with fish.” Our target is to build 10 permanent structures by the end of 2015 as we have as we have succeeded in building 5 structures in the past 3 years. Our effort is rewarded with success by Allah. İhsan DAĞOĞLU

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