The Vice President of Sierra Leone

    The vice president of the republic of s.leon Hon. Sam Sumana invited and met our committee in freetown. Mr. ihsan dagoglu who spoke on behalf of the committee breafly made a presentation on the communitie’s activities and initiatives and expressed his appreciation if he would see his excelency in the opening ceremony of freetown mosque in the following day. The vice president also said that people from outside the country come and take away their wealth contrary to ih-da which brings in services to its people.”iam aware thet your foundation has constructed a mosque at waterloo and you completed it in a shortest possible time, and it was ready to serve the people again you showed the same spirit of success in the newly constructed freetown mosque. And because we cannot leave alone this kind of community-serving foundations I will join you tomorrow at the opening ceremony”. Our committee thanked the vice president and expressed their appreciation for having taken his time to sit down with them at those hours and left. « All News

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