THE SOKODE QURAN SCHOOL/TOGO SOKODE/TOGO: The sokode town which is located in the central part of Togo has an approximated population of about a hundred thousand people with the muslims being the bigger population. An Islamic teacher who lives in this town by the name Sheikh Idriss, after completing his university studies in S.Arabia returned to his home country and started teaching by using part of his house as a teaching place. After the demand for education increased he gave out part of his own land and started a construction of a quran school. After reaching a certain stage of construction he handed over the initiative to us. With his efforts and services Sheikh Idriss was able to convert around 1000 people in the area to islam and the converts get the Islamic knowledge in a short span of time from this institution. The school administrator is infact of great benefit in educating the ladies. The current number of women students is around 1000. With this kind of extreme number of students the teaching is forced to be done by making shifts twice or thrice a day. For this reason we will never leave alone these blessed people and we will be together in every activity they will initiate 03.06.2013 « All News

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